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Vaasa Boulderfest

2018-03-28 16:25
The boulders are calling once again! Join us again this year for a fun trip to Vaasa Boulderfest in Vasa, Finland. Explore over 400 boulders and meet new and old friends from both our own club and all of Finland.
  • Uppdaterad: 2018-03-28 16:25

We will travel by car and ferry. After meeting up with each other we depart with Viking Line from Stockholm Thursday evening and arrive in Åbo Friday morning. We then drive the remainder to Vasa and stay there until we do the reverse on Sunday afternoon and arrive back in Stockholm Monday morning. The club will reimburse the travel expenses with up to 500 SEK per participant. We estimate the total cost per participant to be around 800 SEK before reimbursement, but cannot offer any guarantees regarding these numbers.

Accomodation will be very DIY. Bring your own tent, stove, food etc. There will be showers available at the campsite. There are no restaurants at the campsite. We will probably visit Kotipizza in the evenings.

There is a cap of 12 participants for this trip! First come, first serve. (We need one more car though, so priority may be given to one person in order to solve this.)

We will meet up at the docks before 19:00 on Thursday the 26th and we will be back at 06:30 on Monday the 30th.

Sign up for the trip here: https://goo.gl/forms/PbGMa9oJ5K2SvAdv2

The form will open on the 29th of March at 12:34:56 Swedish time (ISO 8601:20180329T123456+0200).

Got questions? Send us an email:
Nora Björklund: This is a mailto link
Hampus Boësen: This is a mailto link

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