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Nissedal 2018

2018-07-02 16:38
Sign up for the Nissedal trip with Solna Klätterklubb here. We will contact you by email to confirm your participation afterwards. We cannot guarantee your participation until you have received confirmation from us.
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21st-29th of July.

We're not providing anything costly for this trip: Bring everything you need for camping and climbing, and we'll just split the travel expenses when we get back. The club will sponsor the travel expenses for this trip with up to 4000 SEK per car. You will have to pay for the exceeding part of the costs yourself. We cannot guarantee any amount for the total cost. If you sign up for this trip, you may become liable for any irreversible travel expenses regardless of your participation.

Some rules for this trip:

* If bringing your own car, the travel expenses for gas and car is a maximum of 18,50 SEK/10 km (or actual gas cost, if higher). This does not include tolls, ferrys etc. and we will of course split those as well in addition to the reimbursement above.
* The organizers will decide on the number and selection of cars, if needed. You will not be reimbursed if you bring an unneeded car.
* Car insurance: Any excess (självrisk) will be split among all participants in case of accidents.
* Equipment damage/loss: Will be split among the rope team if nothing else is agreed upon.
* The norm is that if people borrow equipment, they do so without monetary compensation. If you for some reason expect people to pay rent for your equipment, this must be communicated when signing up.

Sign up for the trip here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5EEIc79KJA5wiVl319NS3nTq4QXu9dsFh8O_SzPiNh1ydKA/viewform

This is a cooperative members-only club trip without commercial interest and there will be no professional instruction or guiding provided. Climbing is dangerous and by signing up for this trip you acknowledge that you understand the risks involved and that no liabiliy whatsover may fall upon the club as a result of the actions you perform during this trip. You will need to bring your own equipment and assume responsibility for it during the trip.

We collect this information for the purpose of organizing this trip on the legal basis of your consent. The collected information will be deleted within one year of remittance. The information collected will only be shared between the organizers, participants and the club board.

You have the right to receive a copy of the collected information as well as correct any erroneous information or request the deletion of any information provided by sending an email to This is a mailto link stating your request. Please refer to the general GDPR policy on our homepage. If you believe that your privacy rights are not being properly managed, you have the right to make a complaint to The Swedish Data Protection Authority.

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